Living Treasures

The Living Treasures Program was created for donors to honor friends, relatives and community members who are valued and make a difference in a variety of ways.  Your gift to the Living Treasures Program in the name of a specific person will support the work of local nonprofits, and will help build a better future for the Seward and Moose Pass communities. With a minimum donation of $50.00, you can recognize someone as a Living Treasure.

Individuals named as Living Treasures will be noted in the Seward Community Foundation’s web pages, newsletters and on SCF’s Facebook page. Each also will receive a special card to let them know you consider them a treasure.

To make your donation honoring a Living Treasure, please indicate the person’s name on your check, or in “Additional Instructions” when applying online. Find out how to donate to the Seward Community Foundation here .

2013 Living Treasures

  •  Amy Reierson
  •  Lenore Eavis
  •  Nancy Osborne
  •  The Alaska SeaLife Center



Photo Credit: Ricardo J. Lopez