Business Partnership Program

In 2021, the Seward Community Foundation (SCF) launched the Business Partnership Program in collaboration with local businesses. The program aims to support SCF’s mission by creating fundraising opportunities through online booking systems. It all started when Stephanie Millane, the owner of Sunny Cove Kayaking, suggested adding a donation option during customer checkout to benefit SCF. This allowed customers to contribute while booking their activities. Stephanie’s business, Sunny Cove Kayaking, even pledged to match donations up to $2,000.

Excited about the concept of tourism philanthropy and working with local businesses, the SCF Advisory Board made the program accessible to all. Ryan Fisher, an Advisory Board member and owner of Exit Glacier Guides, recognized the program’s potential and quickly signed up. In the first year, 63% of Ryan’s customers chose to add a donation to their reservation.

A Seward Community Foundation Business Partner is a local business that actively collects donations for SCF. They offer an add-on or round-up option during the customer checkout process. Businesses can also choose to match the collected donations, amplifying their support for SCF’s mission. These partnerships are at the heart of building a thriving community for everyone.

To learn more about becoming an SCF Business Partner, please contact Ginger Allen, an SCF Advisory Board member, at (907)440-4723 or email Seward Community Foundation Program Manager Amy Hankins at By joining this program, businesses in the Seward community can come together to strengthen the foundation and create a lasting, positive impact on local initiatives.

Sunny Cove Kayaking

Match amount: Up to $2,000 annually for the Seward Community Foundation Grantmaking Fund.
The why? “SCF has been doing a great job getting funding out to where it needs to be, and I trust your process.”

Exit Glacier Guides

The why?  Using my business to enhance the lives of those that call Seward home is a win-win for me and easy to do.  

Adventure Sixty North

The why? Rick is community-minded and loves the work SCF accomplishes for our community.  

Forest, Tides, & Treasures

The why?  For us, supporting SCF represents the best way for us to help the most people in the Seward community.
Visit Forest, Tides & Treasures HERE.

Seward Windsong Lodge

The why? Our Promise to Place: commitment is not a solo endeavor; we support and work closely with many great organizations in our communities.