Living Treasures

The Living Treasures Program was created for donors to honor friends, relatives and community members who are valued and make a difference in a variety of ways.  Your gift to the Living Treasures Program in the name of a specific person will support the work of local nonprofits, and will help build a better future for the Seward and Moose Pass communities. With a minimum donation of $50.00, you can recognize someone as a Living Treasure.

Individuals named as Living Treasures will be noted in the Seward Community Foundation’s web pages, newsletters and on SCF’s Facebook page. Each also will receive a special card to let them know you consider them a treasure.

To make your donation honoring a Living Treasure, please indicate the person’s name on your check, or in “Additional Instructions” when applying online. Find out how to donate to the Seward Community Foundation here.

2018 Living Treasures

  • ♥ Allison Fong, by Kim Reierson
  • ♥ Allison Fong, by Phyllis Shoemaker
  • ♥ Allison Fong, by Amy Haddow


2017 Living Treasures

  •  Paul Rupple, by Linda Kumin
  •  Paul Rupple, by Mel Sather and Diane Kaplan
  •  Paul Rupple, by Nancy and Brandon Anderson
  •  Paul Rupple, by Margaret Anderson
  •  Paul Rupple, by John and Marcy Baker
  •  Paul Rupple, by Allison and Joseph Fong
  •  Paul Rupple, by Josephine Haddix
  •  Paul Rupple, by Amy Haddow
  •  Paul Rupple, by Edward Hardwick
  •  Paul Rupple, by Jo and Peter Michalski
  •  Paul Rupple, by Kimberly and Skip Reierson
  •  Paul Rupple, by Shawn Rivera
  •  Paul Rupple, by Mariko Sarafin and Erin Nelson
  •  Paul Rupple, by Heather Shank
  •  Paul Rupple, by Chellie Skoog
  •  Paul Rupple, by Donald and Karen Smith
  •  Paul Rupple, by Kathryn and Matthew St. John
  •  Paul Rupple, by Tom and Mary Tougas
  •  Charlie and Hannah Chestnut, by Diane Kaplan and Mel Sather
  • ♥ Tom and Mary Tougas, by Chip and Teri Arnold

2016 Living Treasures

  •  Tom and Nancy Osborne, by Jim and Kathy Fredrickson
  •  Dorothy Urbach, by Clara Glotfelty
  •  Dorothy Urbach, by Marianna Keil
  •  Dorothy Urbach, by Joe and Diane Owens
  •  Dorothy Urbach, by Margaret Urbach Sjovold
  •  Dorothy Urbach, by Rasmuson Foundation
  •  Margaret Anderson, by Edward Hardwick

Photo Credit: Ricardo J. Lopez