Memorial Contributions Program

Seward Community Foundation Memorial Contributions Program

Like a leaf dropped in water,
the ripples of your loved one’s life
spread on to touch the lives of others.

A Memorial Contribution provides an opportunity to honor the memory of a family member, friend, or beloved pet with a monetary gift in their name. Your donation to the Seward Community Foundation’s Unrestricted Fund will touch the lives of so many that your loved one may or may not have had the chance to meet.

The earnings generated by the endowment fund are awarded to nonprofit organizations in the Seward and Moose Pass areas to fund projects in support of those communities. There are two ways of giving; a donation to the Seward Community Foundation, or you can contact a Board Advisor to discuss setting up a personal endowment fund.

Each donation will be acknowledged on SCF’s Facebook page, web page, and in newsletters. You can ensure that the ripple of life from your loved one will live on benefiting the lives of others.

To make your donation, please indicate on your check that you are making a Memorial Contribution and the honored person’s name, or in “Additional Notes” when applying online. 

2023 Memorial Gifts

♥In Memory of Joan Fox by Michele Hughes

♥Marleen Neve, by Judith Holmes

Tom Gillespie, by Colleen Kelly and Mark Kansteiner

The Unknown Soul, by Applo Restaurant

Patty Ladet, by Willow Hetrick

Arthur Osborne, by Jewel Williams

♥Ken Carr, by Colleen Kelly and Mark Kansteiner

♥Shirley Seavey, by Linda and Jonathan Sewall

♥Ken Carr, by Skip and Kim Reierson

♥Arthur Osborn, by Jewel Williams

♥Ken Carr by Colleen Kelly & Mark Kansteiner

2022 Memorial Gifts

♥Rose Morissey, by Bruce and Carol Jaffa

♥Joan Fox, by Anonymous

♥Mr. Carr, by Teal Hall

♥Wilard E. Dunham, by Beverly Dunham

♥Hjalmar and Ramona, by Anonymous

♥Jeremy Moore, by David Paperman

♥Tom Prochazka, Colleen Kelly and Mark Kansteiner

♥Tom Prochazka, by Teal Hall

Mathew Byars, by Cathy Byars

Kelly Smith, Sister dear to my heart, by Kim and Skip Reierson

Kelly Smith, by Craig Smoot

Kelly Smith, by Chellie Skoog

♥Of those who have gone before, by Anonymous

♥Annie and Ralph Hatch, by Ariadne Schablein

♥ Shirley Seavey, by Tyrell Seavey

♥ Ann Hatch, by Margaret Anderson

♥ Richard Hocking, by Colleen Kelly and Mark Kansteinter

♥ Shirley Seavey, by Daniel and Safia Seavey

2021 Memorial Gifts

♥ Judy McDonald, by Janet I. Trettner

♥ Willard Dunham, by Bev Dunham

♥ Hjalmar & Mona, by Judith Christiansen

♥ Jill (Terry) Williams, by Ellen O’Brien

♥ Anne Hatch, by Doug Capra

♥ Shirley Seavey, by Jhon Tamba

♥ Hugh Darling, by Colleen Kelly and Mark Kansteiner

♥ Sandie Roach, by Colleen Kelly and Mark Kansteiner

♥ Margaret Branson, by Robin Dern

♥ Judy McDonald, by Colleen Kelly and Mark Kansteiner

♥ Gene and Diane Oyler, by Juliana Kirkelie-Kim

♥ Judy McDonald, by Phyllis Shoemaker

♥ Anne Hatch, by Sheila and Dave Hanson

♥ Anne Hatch, by Colleen Kelly and Mark Kansteiner

♥ Tim Fleming, by Ralph and Katie Vessel

♥ Tim Fleming, by Cathy Weiford and Tom Gillespie

♥ Tim Flemming, by James and Kathy Fredrickson

♥ Tim Fleming, by Ron Wille

♥ Tim Flemming, by Warren and Sally Keogh

♥ Lewi, by Teal and Marques Hall

♥ Ryan Lewis, by Nancy Fisher

♥ Ryan Lewis, by Blair Neelanda

♥ Ryan M. Lewis, by Kristel L. Wissel

♥ Ryan Lewis, by Scott and Irene Ransom

♥ Marlene Neve’, by Judith Holmes

♥ Marlene Neve’, by Skip and Kim Reierson

♥ Joe Owens, by Michael and Joanne Myers

♥ Joe Owens, by Charles Sela

♥ Joe Owens, by Margaret Anderson

♥ Joe Owens, by Colleen Kelly and Mark Kansteiner

♥ Joe Weldon Owens, by Marion Simon

♥ Joe Owens, by Soo Jan Kang and Jae B Shin

♥ Joe Owens, by Catherine Byars

♥ Joe Owens, by Judith A. Christiansen

♥ Joe Owens, by James Fredrickson

♥ Joe Owens, by Barbara and MP Daily

♥ Joe Owens, by Keith and Jacqueline Campbell

♥ Joe Owens, by Lynn and Roger Hohl

♥ Joe Owens, by Otto and Hildegard Poehling

♥ Tim Fleming, by Margaret Anderson

2020 Memorial Gifts

♥ Anna June Ollestad, by Margaret Anderson

♥ Willard Dunham, by Beth Ann Johnson

♥ Matthew Byars, by Catherine Byars

♥ Grandpa Ralph, by Mark & Sharon Ganser

♥ Ralph Hatch, by Ari Schablein

♥ Tim Fleming, by Tom Tougas

♥ Tim Fleming, by Skip and Kim Reierson

2019 Memorial Gifts

♥ Linnea Hribernick, by Sherry Furlong

♥ Ryan Lewis, by Skip and Kim Reierson

♥ Jason Moore, by Michael and Joanne Meyers

♥ Kevin Whelan, by John and Eileen Eavis

♥ Of our ancestors, by Paul and Sharon Rupple

♥ Dale Brown, by Adventure Sixty North

♥ Marlene Neve’, by Judith R. Holmes

♥ Mel Sather, by Kimberly and Ronald Reierson

♥Darrel K. Shattuck II, by W.E. Hankins Enterprises, Inc.

♥ Willard Dunham, by Bruce and Carole Jaffa

♥ Mel Sather, by Dorothy and Lawrence Urbach

♥ Ralph Hatch, by Arne Hatch and Melody Spangler-Hatch

♥ Mel Sather, by, Margaret Anderson

♥ Frank Diekgraeff, by Barbara Dieckgraeff

2018 Memorial Gifts

♥ Dovie Horton, by David and Dana Paperman

♥ Connie Hendsbee, by Mark Hendsbee

♥ Gene & Jan Goodwin, by Susan Faust

♥ John Statham, by Kim Reierson

2017 Memorial Gifts

♥ Shirley Seavey, by Dan Seavey

♥ Tony Hansen, by Lynn  and Roger Hohl

♥ Patricia Thorn, by Michele and Michael Schuh

♥ Patricia Thorn, by Michael and Linda Brown

♥ Patricia Thorn, by Donald Dassube and Jean Halcott

♥ Patricia Thorn, by Keith and Jackie Campbell

♥ Patricia Thorn, by Kim and Skip Reierson

♥ Marlene Nevé, by Kim and Skip Reierson

♥ Marlene Nevé, by Carol Lindsey

♥ Marlene Nevé, by Anonymous

♥ Percy Blatchford, by Anonymous

2016 Memorial Gifts

♥ Weaver Franklin, by Tim and Martha Fleming

 Gene Bradley, by Tom and Donna Kelley

 Bob Goforth, by John and Eileen Eavis

 Anna Shoemaker, by Phyllis Shoemaker

 Jean Lambourne, by Chip and Teri Arnold

 Lee McAnerny, by Sanna LeVan

 Vanta Shafer, by Bob Shafer

2015 Memorial Gifts

Kurt Bell, by The Seward Ranger District Employees’ Association

 Vanta Shafer, by Bob Shafer

 Gene Bradley, by Tom and Donna Kelley

 Dale Lindsey, by Michael Moriarty

 Jack Taylor, by Kathy Taylor