Grant Highlight: Alaska SeaLife Center 2017-2018 Alaska SeaLife Center Ocean Sciences Club

The Alaska SeaLife Center has received an $8,250 grant through Seward Community Foundation’s 2017 competitive grant cycle in support of their Ocean Sciences Club. The Ocean Sciences Club is an after school club focused on marine science skills and concepts for middle and high school students.

While participating in the Ocean Sciences Club students have assisted in necropsies of common murres, seals, octopus, and Humboldt squid. They have done problem-solving exercises using biotelemetry, buoyancy, and navigation tools and have demonstrated that learning by visiting the navigation center at AVTEC. They have learned to suture injured animals, built their own remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) and remote underwater camera, held mock National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB) quizzes, and volunteered at the annual Tsunami Bowl.

When asked about what they like about this club, students emphasize the fun they have, even when discussing serious topics. Objectives of the club include fostering a lifelong interest in marine science, developing a personal understanding of the impact humans and the ocean have on each other, and the motivation to improve that relationship.

Funding for this grant comes from the Paul C. Rupple Fund and the Seward Community Foundation Unrestricted Fund.