Congratulations to SHS’s Class of 2020 You rose above the challenge and we are proud of you!

Seward High School received a $750 discretionary grant for supplies to create congratulatory banners for the Seward High School graduation parade. Each banner highlighted one Seward High graduate, and the City of Seward hung the banners from light posts throughout the town.

The Seward High School Class of 2020 endured many hardships for what should have been their most exciting year yet. The COVID-19 pandemic caused schools across the country to close their doors and move to online learning. In addition to being socially distanced from friends, classmates, and teachers, the class of 2020 also missed out on sports and special senior moments, such as prom and typical graduation.

On May 19th, an overwhelming amount of love was shown as community members of all ages safely lined the streets of Seward to cheer on the class of 2020. Students drove the parade route in family vehicles adorned with festive paint, balloons, and banners.

Class of 2020 graduate, Lindy Guernsey said, “It was incredible to see the whole community come out and support the class of 2020 at our graduation parade. The parade transformed graduation, a feeling I didn’t think I’d get to experience, into a memorable event full of honking horns, screams of support, waving hands, and an opportunity to come together one last time.  Seward made our day special.”

Funding for this grant came from the Seward Community Foundation Fund.






Photo credits: Sarah Spanos