Grant Highlight: Seward Seaman’s Mission Seaman’s Mission Makes Upgrade to Basketball Court

The Seward Seaman’s Mission received a major grant of $2,000 from the Seward Community Foundation to make improvements to their basketball court.

The project allowed the Mission to upgrade its basketball court by replacing a portable hoop at one end of the court with high quality hoops and backboards at each end of the court. The Mission’s court is open and used by year-round and summer residents and visitors, in addition to cruise ship crews.

Director and Pastor Scott Johnson says, “We have had the crew just loving the basketball court. Also, KFT workers come over each week to use it.  We have had the bed and breakfast guests using it too. It has worked out just as we planned.  We thank the SCF for your financial assistance for the new court upgrade!”

Basketball is one of Seward’s most popular games and the improved court will be an asset to both locals and visitors.

Funding for this grant came from the Seward Community Foundation’s Unrestricted Fund.