Grantee Highlight: Seward Area Hospice Seward Area Hospice receives grant from the Seward Community Foundation

Seward Area Hospice received a $12,500 major grant to help hire a volunteer coordinator. The volunteer coordinator will recruit, train, and support volunteers, as well as assist the Director with increasing donor support and organizing community fundraising events.

The Seward Area Hospice’s mission of, “providing compassionate end-of-life care,” began in March 2017 and has since seen a growing demand for their services. The organization went from serving eight clients in 2018 to 20 clients in 2019. By hiring a volunteer coordinator, Seward Area Hospice hopes to increase the number of volunteers and the quality of support they can lend to a growing client base.

“The new role and hiring of our part-time Volunteer Coordinator has been a valuable addition to our organization. It has been wonderful to grow and expand, but with this came more duties and responsibilities. Having our Volunteer Coordinator to take the lead with our volunteers, and also assist me with projects and other various tasks has been priceless. Thank you to the Seward Community Foundation for helping us to make this added position possible for our organization to function to its full potential.”   Tonya Foote, Program Director for the Seward Area Hospice

S.A.H. Mission: To provide compassionate end-of-life care to enable comfort, dignity, and choice for the individual and family.


Funding for this grant came from the Frank Dieckgraeff Memorial Fund for Seward Seniors and the Seward Community Foundation Fund.