Grantee Highlight: Seward Nordic Ski Club Win-Win partnership to support healthy outdoor competition and local businesses.

The Seward Nordic Ski Club discovered how to promote healthy outdoor competition while supporting local businesses in the world of COVID-19. MaryLynn Barnwell approached Seward Community Foundation with the idea entitled “Seward Skis for Small Businesses”. The idea is that participants would complete weekly ‘challenges’ for a chance to be randomly drawn for gift certifications to fourteen local businesses. These certificates were funded through a $1,000 SCF mini-grant and participant donations.
The program has proven to be a huge success for both businesses and participants. Over 115 folks aged seven to seventy-seven have signed up with a total of $2,415 in donations. The grant and donations provided up to 5 certificates every week during a random drawing for businesses located in Seward, Moose Pass, and Cooper Landing. The program will extend to March 22nd, being blessed with ample quantities of snow this year.
MaryLynn Barnwell has been pleased with the feedback, “When out skiing the stage myself, people will stop me and say thank you for organizing the SSSB. They are telling me that it really motivates them to get out and try new ski areas. One person told me it motivated her to get her skis out of the closet after 3 years.  The businesses are all thankful. They each have their personal COVID story and can’t believe the support they are receiving from the community.”
Seward Community Foundation is pleased to have partnered with Seward Nordic Ski Club. This innovative idea has helped not only individuals but also businesses in the surrounding area effected by the pandemic.