Grantee Highlight: Seward Pride Alliance Working towards inclusivity in the last frontier.

The Seward Community Foundation (SCF) was pleased to support the Seward Pride Alliance (SPA) with a $1000 mini-grant to help organize a Seward Pride Event BBQ in 2019. 

The BBQ was held on June 15th and was one of several events over three days celebrating Seward Pride. SPA Secretary, Lara Loomis, said, “ The grant contributed greatly to our Community Potluck event held during the first Pride celebration hosted in Seward.” The Community Potluck hosted over 100 individuals from Seward and other communities across the state. “We had many locals as well as seasonal workers new to Seward, who expressed their gratitude for the event as well as the entire Pride weekend, “ Loomis said. 

As an Affiliate of the Alaska Community Foundation, SCF promotes philanthropy through the support and growth of a permanent endowment to enhance the quality of life in the Seward and Moose Pass areas for all community members. Supporting SPA’s first-ever Pride celebration is special for the Foundation, as well as the community we represent. SCF and other local sponsors were delighted to show our appreciation for SPA and its mission. This is part of what makes Seward a special place to call home. Generous donors make it possible for grants like this to be awarded to our local community nonprofits.

The mission of Seward Pride Alliance is to provide Seward with inclusive resources, education, and outreach that fosters a strong, engaged community of LGBTQ+ individuals and their allies.


Photo credit: Seward Pride Alliance