Honoring Loved Ones in 2017

Memorial Contributions and the Living Treasures Program are two wonderful ways to honor and remember individuals who are important to you. SCF is proud to offer these opportunities that recognize those who impact the lives of our community members.

The Living Treasurers Program is a way for donors to honor friends, relatives, or community members they value and who make a difference. Recognized as Living Treasurers in 2017 are: Tom and Mary Tougas, Charlie and Hannah Chestnut, and Paul Rupple.

The Seward Community Foundation Memorial Contribution provides an opportunity to honor the memory of a family member, friend, or beloved pet with a monetary gift in their name. Memorial gifts have been made in 2017 to remember: Percy Blatchford, Tony Hansen, Marlene Nevé, Shirley Seavey, and Patricia Thorn. Their memory will live on through grants awarded to local nonprofit organizations.