Million Dollar Celebration Fun for All

Seward Community Foundation hosted a community celebration at Seward’s Branson Pavillion on September 9th to celebrate giving one million dollars to local charities.  In addition to being a great time, community members again showed their generosity and commitment by donating during the Million Dollar Celebration. Together, folks from the community donated $4,087 to the foundation. This figure was amplified when Nina Kemple, ACF President, and CEO, pledged a 1:1 personal pledge of up to $2,000 on top of the 1:1 match provided by the Rasmuson Foundation and Alaska Community Foundation, bringing the night’s fundraising total to $10,174.  This total brings SCF ever closer to the $30,000 annual goal to obtain matching funds from the  Rasmuson Foundation and Alaska Community Foundation. So far, SCF has raised just over $23,000 toward this goal. If this goal is reached by December 31st, SCF will receive matching funds to go to SCF’s Operating Endowment. Please consider helping us achieve this goal! 

Kim Reierson put event donors into a drawing to win a $1,000 mini-grant for their favorite charity. Many generous folks from the community donated, but in the end, it was Al Lamberson and Sheila Morrow that won the drawing. Their choice was for the Seward Arts Council to receive the $1,000 grant.

Donor Highlight: Al Lamberson and Sheila Morrow

Al and Sheila enjoy seeing the world and learning about cultures around the globe.

“The Seward Community Foundation is such a smart vehicle to help our fellow Sewardites and what can be better than helping one another in such a difficult time as this?  We are honored to be selected to choose a recipient for a $1,000 grant. What a difficult decision with so many worthy organizations!  The Seward Arts Council won out because we believe that right now we all need the extra measure of joy and inspiration that the arts nurture in us”.           -Al and Sheila

During the cornhole tournament, the stakes were high and the competition intense. Competitors were given four bean bags to throw at tiny holes at a ridiculously long distance. The one with the most in-the-hole throws wins the opportunity to direct a $1,000 mini-grant to their favorite local charity. The competition was tight. Lucy Hankins and another competitor were tied at 2 points apiece. But Tony Baclaan, a self-professed never-played-the-game corn holer, finally settled it by putting three out of four in the hole. Tony selected Seward Pride Alliance as the local charity to receive the $1,000 grant.

Thank you, Al, Sheila, and Tony, for your giving hearts! To our donors and nonprofit workers, our hats go off to you; it is because of you that makes SCF’s mission meaningful.  You make Seward a great place to call home.