Missoula Children’s Theater Comes to Seward Grantee Highlight: Seward PTA

In January 2019, two traveling directors from MCT arrived in town, hosted three workshops at three schools, and directed a full-length musical play with elementary school-aged actors, all within the time of one week! At Seward Elementary School, the MCT directors performed a workshop for the entire K-5 student body (approx. 250 students), conducted tryouts, held daily rehearsals, and staged a play with 60 student actors. At Seward Middle and High Schools, the directors conducted workshops with Ms. Walker’s Drama classes, which consisted of approximately 25 middle and 30 high school students.

In the future, the Seward PTA hopes to bring back this experience to Seward and peninsula wide students for a greater duration of time.

This project was partially funded by a $1000 mini-grant from SCF unrestricted funds.