Gutskin Parka on display in the Seward Community Library and Museum

2019 Mini Grant Highlight The Resurrection Bay Historical Society Upgrades Three Exhibits

The Resurrection Bay Historical Society received a $1,000.00 mini-grant in February for a The Seward Community Library & Museum exhibits upgrade. The grant award was used to print photos and the printing and installation of narrative murals for three different exhibits: Seward as a Mercantile Hub, Treasures from the Collection, and the Mary Evanoff Gutskin Parka.

“Seward as a Mercantile Hub” mural provides context for the Native baskets exhibited initially as objects of beauty but now tells their relationship to the history of Seward as a mercantile and trading center in the early 20th century. Several photographs were added to contribute to the narrative.

“Treasures from the Collection” showcases several items that had not been on view for some time. The mural depicts a collage of photos of objects in the museum collection.

The Mary Evanoff Gutskin Parka exhibit added a mural of Chief Evanoff and his wife Mary (installed inside the parka case) who made the parka in the early 1900’s. This exhibit tells the story of the place and the people behind the parka. A second mural inside the back of the case is a photo of Lake Clark where they lived. Two model kayaks featuring figures wearing gutskin parkas have added to the exhibits depiction.