Rupple Birthday Celebration Benefits Seward Community Foundation

Most birthday parties include gifts for the guest of honor, but on September 16th Paul Rupple celebrated his 60th by throwing a party that garnered close to $12,000 in donations to make his local community a better place. Rupple, a former officer of the Seward Community Foundation and current member of The Alaska Community Foundation board, financed the “Celebration for a Cause” with his wife and co-host, Sharon.

Beth Johnson cupcakes were a delicious treat for guests.

More than 60 friends and colleagues from Seward, Moose Pass, and Anchorage convened at the Seward Brewing Company for tasty Mexican food, Beth Johnson cupcakes, good company, and great music and dancing with Monica Lettner and her five-piece band.

Paul and Sharon spoke eloquently about the importance of building our own SCF “permanent fund,” where the principle is never touched but now generates over $100,000 per year in grants for community projects and programs. Party attendees responded by donating close to $6,000; matching funds from the Rasmuson Foundation Grant to Ignite Philanthropy doubled the total given in Rupple’s honor. The event helped SCF move closer to its 2017 goal of raising $55,000 towards the endowed funds of the Seward Community Foundation.

Friends of Paul enjoyed great food and camaraderie at the Seward Brewing Company.

During Paul’s years as a local resident, the FedEx pilot has been dedicated to assisting a wide variety nonprofits that benefit residents of Seward and Moose Pass, including serving as a member of the Alaska SeaLife Center Board of Directors. “We are so grateful for Paul’s contributions to the community,” said SCF Advisory Board President Patty Linville, “and using his birthday party to raise money for our endowment is characteristic of his commitment to making Seward and Moose Pass better for everyone.”

Happy Birthday, Paul, and thank you for your commitment to bettering Seward and Moose Pass!