SCF Launches Business Partnership Program

The Seward Community Foundation is excited to announce its new Business Partnership Program to grow philanthropy in the Seward and Moose Pass areas. The Business Partnership Program allows local businesses to add a donation button into their online reservation system so that visitors have the opportunity to support Seward area residents in a meaningful way. Business owners can customize the donations into increments of $1, $5, $10, or other amounts capped at $249.99. There is even an option for hospitality partners to add a donation line to the itemized receipt- similar to a restaurant tip line. This simple concept is the first of its kind for Alaska Community Foundation affiliates, and SCF is proud to be the visionaries of the program. The idea was initially conceived when Stephanie Millane, owner of Sunny Cove Kayaking, approached SCF to include a donation option on her customer checkout page.  Several Seward businesses piloted the program last summer, and SCF is thrilled with its initial success. SCF board member, Ryan Fisher, owner of Liquid Adventures and Exit Glacier Guides, was one of the first to partner with SCF on this new venture. 
Read further for his interview about his experience with the Business Partnership Program.
What made you want to involve your business with SCF’s new Business Partnership Program?
Ryan: Exit Glacier Guides and Liquid Adventures have always enjoyed donating to local requests, but we wanted a way to give through the business to our local nonprofits that were more sustainable. Through the Business Partnership Program with SCF, we have a model that allows our company and clients to give back to Seward every year.
What is your favorite part about the Business Partnership Program?
Ryan: Other than giving money to local nonprofits, I’d say it’s the fact that our donations go to SCF’s Operating Fund because every entity, whether private business or nonprofit, needs operating funds.
How easy was it for you to implement the program into your online reservation system?
Ryan: It wasn’t too difficult since we have add-ons already built into our booking software. We have the option for clients to add a donation at the end of the booking process online. They can choose $1, $5, or any custom amount.
What were the results of the program after this busy summer season?
Ryan: I wasn’t sure how many clients would donate, but I was very pleased to see almost everyone donating at least something during check out. We raised well more than I thought we could and proved the success of the program.
What would you say to other businesses thinking about joining the program?
Ryan: Your money goes the farthest locally. Donating to large worldwide nonprofits eats up a lot of that money just in operating costs. With local nonprofits, your money goes directly to support the community we do business in.
Do you have any additional comments?
Ryan: If any business is looking for a way to give locally, I would highly recommend creating a way for your clients to contribute to local causes. The SCF Business Partnership Program is easy, effective, and highly rewarding.
Questions? Interested in getting involved? Please call, text, or email Virginia (Ginger) Allen (907) 440-4723, or Amy Hankins, (907) 491-1448,