A table full of students sketching.

Seward Community Foundation Mini-Grant Highlight Seward Elementary School Art Program, Fall 2019 

In September, the Seward Elementary School received a mini-grant of $527.25 to be used for art supplies. Tara Swanson’s fifth-grade class partnered with local artist, Melissa Amor, to have her teach four lessons during the Fall semester.   

 The object of the grant is to help re-established an art program at the elementary school level. Currently, art instruction is implemented by general education instructors, at their discretion and as time allows.  Miss Swanson feels that a structured art program would benefit the community by fostering critical thinking skills in our young learners and easing the transition to upper grades. Students who have meaningful connections to their art practice gain confidence through self-expression, and may become more engaged in other aspects of the Seward community and our schools. 

Students keep track of their work through sketchbooks. Beyond the grant term, students will have access to available supplies and materials to continue their independent practice. 

Funding for this grant came from the Seward Community Foundation Unrestricted Fund.