Seward Prevention Coalition Sews PPE Grant Highlight: A Community Effort to Provide PPE

The Seward Prevention Coalition received a $600 discretionary grant for fabric and materials to sew personal protective equipment (PPE) gowns for local EMS providers.

Fabric for the gowns was purchased at Seward’s only fabric store, Sew ‘n Bee Cozy Quilt Shop, and the City of Seward offered their large format printer to create the paper patterns the sewers needed. The gowns were sewn by a group of local volunteer community members.

The construction of the PPE gowns was part of a more comprehensive community project. Sam Young from Sam’s Custom Sewing produced face shields, and Seward Area Quilters Group continues to sew reusable face masks. The PPE equipment has been distributed to the Bear Creek Fire Department, Seward Community Health Center, Seward Fire Department, Seward Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Moose Pass Fire Department, and Providence Seward Medical & Care Center.

The Seward Community Foundation is proud to support our outstanding community members who have worked hard to provide the much-needed gowns, masks, and shields to better protect our emergency medical service providers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you, Seward!

Funding for this grant came from the Seward Community Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund.